Does AC Stop Leak Work?

ac stop leakIf you’re looking to use an AC stop leak in your air conditioning system, it’s important to first be sure that you’ve got a leak.  If your air conditioning system is malfunctioning, there could be a variety of different reasons.  While leaks are the most common cause of a malfunction, you could have other problems giving confusing indications like a bad compressor or a clog in your system.  If you’re wondering how to find even the smallest of leaks in your air conditioning system, check out our article on how to find a leak.

Once you’re sure your problem is that you’ve got a leak in your system, you can move on to using an AC stop leak to seal the leak and keep your system working properly.  Of course, any time you have a leak, there is always the option to simply replace the leaking component to seal up that leak.  With some systems in your car, simply replacing a leaking part is a very reasonable option.  This can often be true with smaller components like a leaking water pump.  When it comes to your air conditioning system, this is almost never a cost-effective option.

Unlike many systems in your car, the refrigerant in your air conditioning system is a gas at room temperature and pressure rather than a liquid.  This means you can’t simply open the system, drain out the fluid, replace your component and fill it back up.  This may be possible with your engine oil, or cooling system, but your air conditioning system needs to be completely evacuated, meaning the system is drawn into a vacuum.  Recovering the refrigerant from your air conditioning system requires a special piece of equipment and is usually an expensive job.

The best way to avoid having to recover all the refrigerant from your system, then of course, replace the component and pay to have it refilled, is to use an AC Stop Leak.  AC stop leaks are designed to be added to your air conditioning system while it is still full of refrigerant.  The system must be full of enough refrigerant that the compressor will cycle on and off to move the AC stop leak around the system to the leak point.

The next decision you need make is which AC stop leak to use.  There are many different varieties of leak stop agents available and they work in two general ways.  The first type of stop leak product uses tiny particulates, like powder, that get entrained in the refrigerant in your system and physically clog up any leaks or holes in the system to keep the refrigerant inside.  These type of stop leaks rarely work due to the high pressure in your air conditioning system.

The second type of stop leak is much safer to use as it is a chemical sealing agent.  These chemical stop leaks are safer to use as they don’t clog other parts of your air conditioning system.  Red Angel A/C Stop has a unique chemical composition so it enters your air conditioning system as a liquid and safely travels around your system in the refrigerant and works as a conditioner and lubricant.  At a leak point, there will be a large temperature differential as the high-pressure refrigerant escapes and cools.  This temperature differential will active Red Angel A/C Stop Leak causing it to form a chemical weld over the leak point sealing your refrigerant inside.  Red Angel A/C Stop Leak is even safer than other chemical stop leak agents as it also won’t interact with any moisture in your system as other stop leak agents will which can cause crystallization and clogs.

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