Is There an AC Leak Finder?

AC leak finderIf you’re looking for an AC leak finder, either you’re a mechanic working on lots of cars with broken air conditioning systems or you’ve got a leak in your personal car.  Either you way, you’re undouble discovering the struggles associated with diagnosing problems with your air conditioning system.  Even though an air conditioning system is a relatively simple system that works off the refrigerant cycle, it can be difficult to diagnose based on the way it’s designed.

It would be possible to create an AC leak finder, but to do so would be unbelievably expensive.  Similarly, to build an air conditioning system in a car that has all the gauges, sensors and indicators required to be helpful in diagnosing any problems would also be prohibitively expensive, especially for a system that does not affect the drivability of your vehicle.  Since your air conditioning system doesn’t have a dedicated computer to give you feedback on how it’s operating like your vehicle’s engine or gauges to indicate how things are operating, we’re often left guessing on what the problem.

Since you’re looking for an AC leak finder, you’ve probably already discovered that the most common problem with your air conditioning system is a leak.  There are other problems of course, but leaks can happen anytime and in many different locations around your system.  Refrigerant travels in between the components of your air conditioning system through pipes and hoses.  At each connection, there is an O-ring that has the possibility of leaking.  These O-rings can start to leak from the temperature swings in your air conditioning system, from road vibrations or for normal use.  There can be up to a dozen or more O-ring connections in your air conditioning system so tracking down which O-ring is leaking can be a long job.  Also, to replace even one of these O-rings, your entire air conditioning system needs to be evacuated and then refilled with refrigerant which is not a cheap job.

Besides the O-rings, you could of course have a leak in another component like the evaporator or condenser since they are relatively fragile.  The last common leak point in air conditioning systems is anywhere a rubber hose connects to a metal pipe as the flexible union can start to leak over time.

With so many places to check for leaks, it would be much easier if there were an AC leak finder.  One relatively accurate way to find a leak would be to add a dye to your air conditioning system and watch for that dye to come out at some of the leak points mentioned above.  The most accurate dye to use is UV dye.  It’s a type of dye that will glow brightly under a UV light so it is the easiest to detect even for small leaks.  You can add UV dye to your air conditioning system using the Red Angel Oil Injector after your system has been pulled to a vacuum.

If you can identify a leak location using UV dye you then have to decide how you’re going to stop the leak.  If you choose to replace any of the components you’ll have to evacuate your AC system first, then refill the system after you replaced the bad component.  When you refill the system, you can add Red Angel A/C Stop Leak using the same oil injector as preventive maintenance to make sure you don’t end up with any AC leaks in the future.

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