About RedAngel©A/C Stop Leak

Red Angel A/C Refrigerant Stop Leak / Aerosol is a car air conditioning repair and leak sealant that fixes most common leak points in automotive A/C systems. Fitted with an attached coupler, Red Angel “One Shot” is a complete delivery system that is easy to use and can be installed quickly to repair your car’s leaking air conditioner. Red Angel is a great option for the retail customer seeking looking for a quick and simple installation. Due to its unique formulation Red Angel is GUARANTEED SAFE and non-clogging for components in both the vehicle and A/C recovery equipment.

Red Angel A/C Refrigerant Stop Leak is a simple solution to common leak occurrences in your air conditioning system. Unlike some other AC leak sealant products, Red Angel is activated where there is a difference in temperature within your system. This differential is where your leak point is and needs to be repaired. Red Angel will not harden or crystallize with any existing moisture in the system and is non-clogging. Once the leak is sealed, Red Angel will stay in the system and continue to condition and lubricate for optimal performance.


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