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air conditioning repair servicesGood air conditioning repair services can be difficult to find.  Most shops specialize in a certain make or model vehicle rather than the components in them, like the air conditioning system or transmissions.  If you can find a specialty shop focusing on air conditioning repairs, you will most like find the best service and most complete repairs there.  If you can’t find an air conditioning specialty shop in your area, you can often find a shop that has the equipment and expertise to provide air conditioning repair services for your vehicle.  For more information on what to look for in a qualified shop to repair your air conditioning system, check out our article about Car AC Service and Repair.

The good news is that you may be able to learn how to do air conditioning repair services on your own and skip the trip to the repair shop all together!  One of the most common repairs in an air conditioning system will need is a condenser replacement.  The condenser is located at the front of your vehicle and its main function is to cool the compressed refrigerant in the system so that it can later expand and be cooled.  Since the condenser’s job is to cool things down it looks very similar to your vehicle’s radiator and is often located just in front or next to the radiator.

air conditioning repair servicesThe condenser is the most replaced component in your vehicle since it sits so close to the front of your vehicle that is can be easily damaged by road debris or small accidents.  The good news is that replacing your AC condenser is a surprisingly simple procedure.  Just like your radiator, it is often held in by 2-4 bolts and since it’s at the front of your car it can usually be removed without removing any other body parts or panels.  Once you’ve got the condenser mounts loose, you can remove the two refrigerant lines going to your condenser simply be loosening the attaching bolts and pulling the fitting out.  Before you remove the refrigerant lines, make sure the system is completely depressurized by checking the system low side pressure.  Installing a new condenser is the reverse procedure and just as easy!  During installation make sure you protect the cooling fins on the new condenser as bent or damaged cooling fins can significantly reduce the condensers efficiency.

Replacing a condenser is a relatively easy air conditioning repair service item that most do-it-yourself people can tackle on their own with a good toolkit.  However, of the repair items on your vehicle’s air conditioning system take a significant amount more skill and specialty tools that make the job much more difficult.  Things like replacing the compressor clutch, or even replacing the evaporator, can take a lot of experience and time and should often be left to the professionals.  The good news is that often the problems with these components is simply a small leak due to old age or a single bad seal.  If you’re experiencing slow leaks in your air conditioning system you may be able to stop the leaks without having to find any air conditioning repair services.

Slow leaks in your air conditioning system can be easily sealed using Red Angel AC Stop Leak.  It comes in a convenient aerosol can that is easy to use and requires no tools to install!

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